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How To Improve Social Media Game and Attract More Business

Let’s start at the beginning.

What is social media marketing?

The process of producing material for social media sites in order to market your goods and/or services, cultivate a community with your target market, and increase customer traffic is known as social media marketing.

Social media marketing is always changing due to the daily emergence of new features and platforms.

Once we have decided to invest time into growing the online presence, and reach new customers, we can start creating a social media plan.

A social media plan is a written document that outlines your social media objectives, the strategies you’ll employ to accomplish them, and the metrics you’ll monitor to gauge your success.

Where to start you wonder?

  • List all of your planned and current social media accounts in your social media marketing strategy, along with goals tailored to each platform you use.
  • These objectives must to be in line with your company’s overall digital marketing plan.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals:

A social media plan should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

For instance, you would track click-throughs if you used LinkedIn to increase traffic to your website.

You might monitor the number of Instagram Story views if you’re using Instagram to raise brand recognition.

Cost-per-click (CPC) is a frequent success statistic for Facebook advertising.

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Typical Social Media Marketing Objectives:

Choose the one that most closely corresponds with the objectives of your company from the list of typical social media marketing goals that is provided below.

  • Bring more people to your website
  • Promote a product or service
  • Increase revenue and lead generation.
  • converse with clients
  • amplify brand awareness
  • Launch a campaign of awareness
  • Build your online authority
  • Let’s examine what constitutes a SMART goal in more detail.

Specific:  is key when setting goals because it makes it simpler to understand what you’re attempting to accomplish.

Let’s use increasing your Twitter following as an example.

Measurable: How will you gauge your success?

For instance, increase your Twitter following by twofold.

Achievable: Are you able to achieve your goal?

Can you really double the amount of people who follow you on Twitter?

Relevant: A relevant goal closely resembles your company’s goals.

Does this objective support the goals, vision, or values of your company?

Time-specific – assign a due date to your objective.

In three months, Twitter follower counts have doubled.

Understanding your ideal customer is the first step in developing a successful social media marketing strategy.

Although it takes time to develop a rich context for your target audience, there are steps you can do right away that will be worthwhile in the long run.

Spend some time studying your target market to find demographic and psychographic information or observable trends that will help you create an accurate mental picture of your target market’s propensity to make purchases from you.

This activity will help you create a voice and tone for your brand that resonates with customers in addition to informing your initial approach.

A wonderful platform to conduct audience research is Facebook, one of the biggest social media networks with a database of 2.89 billion monthly active users.

Check out the pages of your rivals and click through to some of their active followers’ profiles to learn more about them.

Once you’ve done some research, you may put everything together to make a buyer persona, or ideal customer, who is more likely to purchase your product.

You don’t have to list every quality, but try to give as good an impression of the person as you can given how it relates to your company.

Your findings will have a greater impact on your social media marketing plan the more time and attention you put into this part.

Establish critical KPIs and analytics for your social media marketing strategy.

It can frequently feel like there are a million numbers to look at for your social media analytics while tracking the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

For practically everything, there is a number.

An analytics tool is available for each social media platform differently.

Your choices for each one will rely on the aforementioned objectives.

To expand your social media accounts, there are a few numbers you need pay attention to.


Engaging in social media marketing requires monitoring a variety of data.

It is used to determine the effectiveness of campaigns and whether your audience engages with your material on a regular basis.

High engagement rates show that your material is interesting and that your audience is healthy (i.e., receptive).

You’ll consider many engagement indicators, including:

comments, likes, and retweets.

On each platform, engagement rates, such as shares or retweets, vary.

However, likes and comments are shared by everybody.

This figure is calculated by dividing the total post engagements by the total post impressions.


This indicator, which is closely related to your click-through, displays the quantity of clicks on your material.


Awareness metrics are crucial to monitor for your social media marketing activities because they may inform you of your brand’s presence on a platform.

If you wish to raise brand awareness, consider:

Mentions in the text.

the frequency with which your brand is mentioned on social media.

You have the opportunity to reply to people and influence how people see your brand through these, which can be favourable or negative.


the overall amount of times a post was displayed in a user’s timeline.


the overall number of distinct individuals who view your material.


The voice of your company.

In comparison to rival brands, it demonstrates how many people are talking about yours.

Creating a social media plan, tracking and monitoring your progress, coming up with relevant and effective strategies can be somewhat daunting.

However, with discipline and consistency you can tackle each task, one at the time.

If you think that you need help, why not consider contacting us.

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