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5 Social Media Mistakes for Product Based Businesses and Ecommerce Stores

We have all been guilty of thinking that a social media strategy is easy to plan and execute.

We use social media platforms every day. Can it be that hard?  However, the volume of engagement and interested audience needed to scale any business is considerably higher than we think.

From the beginning we focus a lot on creating the actual product. Especially if the items we are interested in selling are made with passion, every detail matters. All our efforts are being put towards creating that perfect product that we ourselves would be happy buying.

So we come up with the best product, we create a listing and then…wait. Hoping that someone will stumble upon it and just fall in love with it so much so that they buy it. And this will go on and on.

Reality check: This does not happen…unfortunately.

So what do we need to do?

Well the hard and tedious task of pushing your product and bringing it in front of your audience.

  1. Poor Photos:

Having good photos is crucial. Take photographs of it from different angles. Show it in use. If it’s composed from different parts show them. If the size matters, then make your customers understand how small or big it is. Think what would entice you to buy it.

Create a nice set-up for it. A clean white surface, a wooden background, or warm pastel colours are all a great choice. Make sure your images are not blurry or pixelated. Your photos will make the first impression and before you start posting all over social media, try to do your product justice. Make it shine.

  • Irregular content:

Once you have selected your platform of choice, try to post regularly. Once a week is not enough if you want to build a steady audience. If you don’t know what to post try to make a schedule, pinning down ideas you might have. New Products for Monday, Behind the Scenes for Tuesday, Coming Soon for Wednesday and so on. It might be difficult to start with, but with a bit of training it will become second nature.

  • No communication: Interact with your audience. It is not enough to publish your post; you have to stay in touch with your followers. They might have questions. Or they simply Like or Comment to show they like your product. Respond to any of these comments. A personal touch and interaction from a brand or business is always appreciated.
  • Using wrongly formatted images: Every platform has its own aspect ratio. If possible, try to follow the guidelines and post in its native size. Otherwise, your images could be cut or cropped and essential details missed. Get aquatinted with the characteristics of each platform.
  • Not uploading videos. It is well known that videos unlike just photos have a much higher boost on the social media platforms, so try to take advantage of that. Show your product in action. Again, don’t forget about the aspect ratio of each platform you are posting on, and try to follow the guidelines for optimal view.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can improve your game. And as any player would tell you, the more you play the better you will get.

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